God Wired You to Thrive

  • Everyone has a path Proverbs 4:18

Our path is what God as ordained as your purpose in life. There is an important calling on everyone’s life. In scripture we see that the path of Solomon differs from that of Elijah. Therefore, God does not experiment in bringing us into the world. (Psalm 40 vs 5- 8).  Our path is unique.

Our path beginning from the moment we are born. During this time, God is solely responsible for us until we are able to make our own choices.


  • Your Path is confined by times and seasons


Although we are all eternal beings, we have been put into a system governed by times and seasons. Therefore, we are eternal in a timed body; meaning we have a beginning and an end.  Our existence in time is simply us running against physical death. This is why we must find our purpose on time.

Along our path, change is a constant. Our Path consist of past, present, and future. This means that our path can only get brighter. The past represents death, the present represents opportunities to cooperate with God, finally, the future represents what is fully in you but can only be completed in Christ. Rom 8:28-39


  • Death is not an end, your future is brighter


Physical death simply means the perfect day, this is when our spiritual being get detached from your time body and we begin to live in eternal bliss.

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