Elevation prayers 2024

This is our annual virtual prayer conference, featuring a 21-day fasting and prayer period. With new themes every year, “Elevation Prayers and Fasting” brings believers worldwide together to worship, fast, and pray. This transformative event is held annually in July.


One Marriage RETREAT for couples provide relational care, encouragement and wisdom to help marriages become all that God designed them to be. Our desire is to equip and help make marriages successful. At the RETREAT, our prayer is that every couple would allow Jesus Christ to empower them to live out His purposes in and for their relationship. We promote marriage restoration based on the biblical principles of faith and marriage and provide marriage support and encouragement.

Refire Youth Conference

This is dedicated to fostering and strengthening the Christian faith among young individuals. Our mission is to equip youth with the necessary skills for leading purposeful lives while providing a secure environment for exploring matters of faith, morals, and service. Through engaging retreats and lock-ins, our program encourages spiritual growth and learning. Participants experience God through meaningful worship and practical teachings from the Word of God, inspiring a genuine relationship with the living God.


Are you yearning for a deeper connection with God? Do you hunger for a retreat where you can commune with Him without distractions? CMAN warmly invites you to our annual retreat, a gathering for believers of all ages, crafted to provide divine encounters. Immerse yourself in God’s Word, elevate your prayers, and witness the wonders He has in store for us. Join us in fellowship as we discern His will in this busy world. ‘The Awaiting’ is a spiritual oasis, offering awakening, rejuvenation, and the impartation of spiritual gifts to all, set in a serene campsite.

Body, Soul, and Spirit (BSS)

This women’s only ministry provides a platform for contemporary women to alleviate the stress of their demanding lifestyles. Since 2007, BSS has empowered women with inspirational messages, testimonials, compelling stories, rejuvenating worship, and more. The BSS community fosters authentic faith-based connections and an atmosphere of encouragement.

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