Church and Missions Aid Network (CMAN)

Church and Missions Aid Network (CMAN) is an outreach ministry targeted towards men and women that seek to pursue and fulfill the biblical calling to “go and teach all nations” (Matthew 28: 19). Founded in 2010 as a local ministry in Dallas, Texas, the ministry spans throughout several North American states, Africa, and Central America. We aim to practically share Christ’s love in these communities.





Looking for renewed inspiration, empowerment and impactful ministrations CMAN has various conferences to do just that and more. These events incorporate the dynamics of fellowship, worship, and ministry to create an empowering experience for men and women alike and for all ages and backgrounds. Make plans to attend one of our conferences; you are sure to leave transformed in Jesus name. We look forward to seeing you there!

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We invite you to become a CMAN partner by making a commitment to regularly support this ministry through your giving and prayer.


Connect with us online through Facebook live, YouTube and podcast. Our Online broadcast tagged EXPLORE THE WORD delivers the life-changing truth of God’s Word to countries around the world. We are using modern day technology to fulfill the great commission.

CMAN School Of Ministry

The CMAN School of Ministry is a three month e-learning ministry experience that is designed to equip those who have a burning desire to be further grounded in the word. It is for those who seek to enrich their faith and build a deeper relationship with God by receiving the discipline and training that with continual study, prayer, and guidance will enhance optimal functionality in ministry and God’s kingdom

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