Day 5

OUR FATHER. Mt 6:5-9, Jhn 20:17

1. Thank you for having me in your family. Thank you for the gift of siblings in your family. Thank you for my inheritance in you. Lk 15:12, Col 1:21, I Pt 2:9-10

2. Help me know you as Father for myself. Holy Spirit give me a revelation of who my Heavenly Father His and teach me to relate to Him as such. I Cor 2:10-12

3. Purge me of every wrong notions, impressions and thought i have had about whom God is to me. Holy Spirit teach me yourself, I am ready for a fresh start. Lk 13:15, Eph 1:17-19

4. Father, you have never failed in your responsibilities as Father to me, forgive me of all my irresponsiblities as your child in our relationship. 2 Tm 2:11-13

5. Holy Spirit, help me give God the honor due to Him as my Father by the way I represent him and how I function in the family for Him. Deliver me from selfish thoughts in God that excludes other saints, the Kingdom concerns and His intentions here on earth. Mt 6:9, Is 43:21, 1 Cor 12:12-27

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