By PK Olawale

Lk 17:20-37.

It would be inhumane not to feel the global pain and share in the concerns that have  pervaded our planet earth during this precarious time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Talk of a shock! No one could have foreseen where we have found ourselves presently. I was blessed to have been raised by men of “the closet” who knew God intimately and heard God- as all believers should. I have known that this practice isn’t a common one to an average believer, at least nowadays. A lack of assurance in God’s Word and inability to know when the Lord is speaking has made many a Christian slaves to fear. This should not be the case.

I remember in December 2018 while seeking the face of God for His counsel and direction for 2019, I got to know  that 2019 was a year that would set up the new decade starting 2020. I did mention to my wife and mentees that 2019 was a year that didn’t have a mind of its own but was a year for positioning for 2020 when there would be a distinction between saints who were perpetually living in compromise and those who honor the Lord with their obedience. December 2019 came and as I waited on the Lord for 2020, it was revealed that we would be experiencing new diseases that mankind hadn’t known before,  amongst other things the Lord made me privy to. However, nothing in my wildest dreams or deepest revelation came close to the extent of what we have seen. As at this moment, I haven’t heard of any reputable Minister of God or  renowned Prophet of God claiming they knew clearly what the predicament of the earth and mankind would be at this time. Most who heard or saw did so in parts. Will God hide His counsel from all, especially those who have platforms by which they could warn His people, if not mankind in general? (Amos 3:7).  Don’t tell me the globe no longer has watchmen or friends that God can confide in as he did Abraham Gen 18:17. 

What is my point? God is not far from us to keep us in the dark as to His will except probably the matter falls within the realm of His determined will that man’s will should not interfere with. I know this raises more questions: is Covid-19 from God? from the devil ? or it is from the latter and God allowed it?. We know that God does no evil (James 1:17),  though he can send plagues as he did to Egypt via divine instructions to Moses and as he sent to  his people when they rebelled (Numbers 16:46). How else will you explain the fact that he didn’t warn us but only informed his people without obliging us any details? One of my spiritual Fathers did mention during the 2019 cross over service into 2020 that the Lord told him “the earth will behave like a child in convulsion”. He further said some weeks ago in the middle of the pandemic that the Lord had told him the world will be on a compulsory holiday this year. He obviously didn’t know what and how that would be as he emphasized during a sermon to assure the saints of God’s protection.

The earth isn’t a stranger to pandemics and mankind has always  pulled through. What sets the present one apart is that firstly, we do not have many alive who have experienced such global pandemonium by being witnesses of a global pandemic and secondly, the world has become faster and time shorter. We have been, are and will always be busy. We have believed in our abilities so much, we seem not to need God any more, talk less of acknowledging Him. So what has been a recurring decimal in history is now deemed to be the “END OF TIME”.

One thing I can assure you from scripture is what the text says, “the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night” and will be when life is good just as the days of Noah and Lot when men were partying and marrying and given in marriage and having fun. The day of the Lord isn’t going to happen when there is global fear, apprehension and anxiety. THE WORLD IS NOT COMING TO AN END, IT IS ONLY ENDING. It started ending since Jesus walked on this earth as a man, died and resurrected. Truly, the end is relative. We shouldn’t be bothering ourselves with when the world will end but rather when “your world ends”. Someone’s world is ending right now as I type this. Worlds end every second and minute before, during and after this pandemic. If I have lived for God and served Him in true obedience I should truly look forward to when my world will end so I can see His face and be with Him forever in person and not by faith anymore. For my other World to kick-in, my present one will have to end. Guess what? Not by covid-19 or any other workings of the devil or man, but by the time He has appointed for me. 

You can’t kill a dead man; if the pandemic is causing our hearts to fail, we need to look inward and ask ourselves a simple question “who owns my life?”. If our lives aren’t ours, why do we worry so much about them? Saints, this time will pass and you will be unscathed. Perhaps the Lord allowed this so we can answer the question of ownership and what we live for. This pandemic has shown us that what we have in us is the real personal asset you have, not what we possess which will leave us and we will leave sometime or someday. The Kingdom of God doesn’t come by observation, it is in you ( Luke 17:20-21). We can’t afford to repeat this class. Take the cue, hear God’s voice in the midst of the storm. No pandemic will be the end of the world, refusal of Jesus is the real end of life.