Are you a youth looking to explore your faith in Christ? Then this is the conference for you.

Proverbs 22 vs. 6 is clear on how we should raise our children but the world today is filled with false information that might be detrimental to a growing Christian’s life. With immorality and carnality in our society, youths and young Christians are constantly under pressure to conform. As Christian youths, it is important that our passion and relationship with God is growing in line with his word, and purpose for our lives. 

The Cman team is passionate about youth development, and uses the refire conference as an opportunity to nurture and grow the faith of youths through biblical teachings, counseling and fellowship with Christ.

Here are the benefits of joining this conference.

  • Skills Development 

Being a part of this program helps to develop the skill for our primary assignment as Christians (winning of souls). This Conference teaches about Christ like character, purpose and gifts. More importantly equips us on why, and how to go about evangelism as young Christians.

  • Safe space 

Looking for answers? Perhaps you are on a journey of seeking to know more about God. The refire conference is an opportunity for you to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere and is open to any and everyone.

  • Godly friends and fun

Building Godly friendships and relationships as youths is one of the challenges we face. This conference allows you to meet people who are on the same journey with you in life. It builds a community that shares the interest of learning and developing in Christ.