Lagun, Oyo State


Lagun is a town located at lagelu local government, Oyo state. It is 90+% Muslim populated community with no power supply for the past six years. History reveals that missionaries sent to that land were either attacked or killed by the inhabitant of the village because they detest the gospel of Christ. We were also told by missionaries in that area that it is so hard to get 10souls converted especially knowing that it is difficult to gather 50people in a crusade. We also discovered they have a muslim community school in that land and they don't allow missionaries to come to speak to their children as several attempt to do so had been made. Few weeks back, the lord communicated to us to take the message of light to this very town and we yielded knowing that he who sent us will keep us. We received so much mercy and help such that we had a ground breaking results and several supernatural testimonies. In our house to house evangelism, 9souls got converted who were Muslims and some of them requested for Bible and we had to provide it God gave us unusual access to that muslim community schools and about 30souls got converted. Day 1 of the crusade-over 300 people were in attendance and 251 souls got converted