50/50 Commission 2020

50/50 COMMISSIONS 2020

50 Soul Winning Outreaches in 50 Locations


50/50 mission! In pursuit of our 10,000 souls quest, we will be holding 50 soul winning outreaches this year in collaboration with some other missionaries and mission minded ministries in Africa, Asia and Central America. The outreaches will be in towns, suburbs and inner cities. We are adopting a tripartite approach: Medical aid, Materials supplies and Word/Power. In most of the areas, the medical team of Christian volunteer medical practitioners administer free check ups and treatments (medications) to the people. Food stuff, farm utensils, clothing etc are also given to those who are in need of such. The crusade is held in the evenings for soul winning, healings and miracles. We trust the Lord for more souls than we anticipate in Jesus Name. Please pray along with us besides giving.

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